About Us​​​​​​​
Iztech Kart Seats was launched in 2006 by founder Kevin Nuttall to supply high performance composite seats to the karting market.

Kevin's motorsport background stems from the early 1980's when he drove Golf GTI's in a saloon car championship. He has since progressed (!) to chief mechanic for his teenage son, Alex, who is a keen karter.

Kevin has spent the last 5 years researching and developing IZTECH KART SEATS' product range and so far has produced a standard RTM KART SEAT (also available hand laid up) and also the popular FLAT BOTTOMED SEAT which is made using collapsible closed mould technology.

IZTECH KART SEATS also has it's own design composite chainguard in two sizes, and is currently developing a range of carbon fibre floor trays.

Iztech Kart Seats have enjoyed a great deal of success with their ultra-light and flexible Carbon and Aramid kart seats, particularly in the Cadet market, where they have many race-wins under their belt.

Iztech are constantly updating their range and exploring new boundaries - using the latest composites and manufacturing methods (some still under development).

The welcome addition of Alex Hawkridge to the Iztech Kart Seats management team has enhanced this process, adding his F1 experience to the mix.

Kevin is passionate about making kart seats and is always happy to talk to people about their requirements.

Kevin is also proud to say that every Iztech Kart Seat out there on the track has been made by himself personally.